Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not listed here, please get in touch.

1. What does Booking Autopilot cost?2024-03-08T07:17:45+00:00

Please contact us, after a quick discussion about your business we can offer our best pricing. Our fees are amongst the most competitive on the market.

2. What support do you offer customers?2024-03-08T07:18:03+00:00

We have an online knowledge base with detailed platform FAQs and instructional videos. And of course, our team is always ready to help with anything you need.

3. How long Does it take to set up the platform for us?2024-03-14T15:14:16+00:00

We can seamlessly integrate Booking Autopilot into your website and set up access for you in a matter of hours.

4. What countries do you operate in?2024-03-08T07:18:50+00:00

We have customers in the UK, Australia, USA and across Europe. The platform can be configured for multiple currencies and local time zones.

5. I don’t have a franchise, can I still use Booking Autopilot?2024-03-11T13:11:51+00:00

Yes, the platform can be used for single centres / stores with all of the same functionality to take bookings, payments, manage operations and marketing.

6. Can my customers use childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare when paying?2024-03-08T07:19:34+00:00

Yes, the platform has integrated functionality to use PonchoPay at checkout, to save customers time and remove the burden of reconciling payments.

7. Does Booking Autopilot support trial lessons?2024-03-08T07:19:53+00:00

Yes, we have full functionality to support trial lessons, waiting lists and make up lessons.

8. Can I use your reporting for accounting purposes?2024-03-08T07:20:09+00:00

Our financial reports can be downloaded in xlsx file types for Excel, or Xero compatible report types.

9. How does Booking Autopilot integrate into my website?2024-03-08T07:20:23+00:00

The platform can be aligned to your brand, and can also offer location maps and lists for your multiple centres. Lessons or available bookings for centres can be shown in a calendar or list view, whichever you decide. Bookings and payments are quick and easy for customers.

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