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All in one booking software for early childhood and education

Whether for a small business or multi-tier franchise, Booking Autopilot is the ideal solution to manage appointments, classes and webinars. It has been designed specifically for:

  • Children’s centres
  • Early childhood education
  • Schools
  • Language centres

With full Zoom integration and support for all payment methods, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help increase the profitability of your business and make life easy for your customers.

Franchise Management through a sophisticated, centralised platform

More than just an online booking system, Booking Autopilot is a comprehensive and integrated platform to cater for individual businesses and multi-tier franchises alike.

It offers real time analytics to understand activity, pricing and profitability. You can dive into any view of your business, whether it is by franchisee, geographical location, lesson type or a top down summary perspective.

Easily customisable with a simple to use and appealing interface, the platform has proven an invaluable tool for our existing customers.


Recurring lessons, individual consultations, make-up lessons, trial sessions


Create your program on the web for upcoming lessons with a color legend to make it easy for parents

Zoom Integration

Your classes will be automatically scheduled on Zoom and your attendees can join you for online classes.

Real-time Analytics

Dashboards and detailed reporting of key indicators to facilitate management

Payment Methods

From bank transfers to credit cards and partial payments by Stripe. There are even flexible promo codes for any discounts and vouchers you can generate

Waiting List

Ability to enroll in a waiting list with an immediate notification when a vacancy appears

Email Automation

Automated emails sent to parents when booking online or paying for a lesson

Data Protection

Protection of customer personal data according to the GDPR requirements

Website integration

Booking Autopilot and calendars can be easily integrated with your website

Easy Content Management

Module Benefits:

  • Quick and easy integration with a modern user interface
  • Optimising the workflow schedule 
  • Create discounts and promo codes
  • Automated email campaigns to selected customers
  • Personalised email templates

Real-time campaign management capability

Engage the right customer groups with the right information, you can create one-off campaigns or create ongoing, automated marketing campaigns.

Target customers or segments with discounts and promotions to drive engagement, whilst optimising class schedules for franchisees or individual teachers.

Track campaign related traffic to your websites and understand campaign performance with detailed, real-time analytics.

Online Payment

Booking Autopilot is integrated with Stripe, so that your customers can pay with credit cards.

Partial Payment

Booking Autopilot is integrated with GoCardless, so that your customers can pay in installments.

Bank Transfer

Booking Autopilot can accept payments from your customers by bank transfer





booked sessions


sent emails

Our Customers

KindyROO is science based, fun, educational program, aimed at supporting the natural development of the baby, toddler and preschooler, preparing them for school years and life with 26 centres in Europe

Our Customers

GymbaROO is science based, fun, educational program, aimed at supporting the natural development of the baby, toddler and preschooler, preparing them for school years and life with hundreds of franchisees around the Globe

Our Customers

Booking Autopilot is at the heart of customer loyalty and automation programs of OTP Group in Bulgaria

Our Customers

International educational support for parents and teachers with an emphasis on practical activities for cognitive and behavioral well-being

Our Customers

Melilo Method Training Center for Autism Intervention, Attention Deficit Disorders with or without Hyperactivity, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, and Behavioral Problems

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